Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money!

There are many ways we can save water and energy which will in turn save you money. Here I look at 8 great products now available on the market.

1: The Toilet Tummy – Did you know that on average, toilet flushing accounts for 40% of the total water used in a household? The toilet tummy is the least complex and easiest to use water saving toilet cistern product on the market. Simply fill with water, attach to your toilet cistern and start saving water.

2: Ecocamel Aerated Hose Shower Head – Enjoy an invigorating spa shower experience whilst saving on your energy bills and your water usage with this wonderful product. The ecocamel aerated shower head is designed to reduce your hot water usage by up to 60% when showering. It will also reduce the amount of water used when showering to just 7 litres per minute, without affecting the performance or your enjoyment of the shower.

3: Ecocamel Aerated Fixed Shower Head – Provides all of the benefits of the ecocamel aerated hose shower head, but is connected directly to the water mains to meet your individual requirements.

4: Laminar Tap Flow Aerators – Laminar tap flow aerators are designed to limit the flow of water from your tap without reducing the water pressure. Most kitchen and bathroom taps produce a water flow of about 15 litres per minute. These tap aerators will have a water flow efficiency of as low as 4 litres per minute, helping you save water and save on your energy bills without a drop in performance.

5 Eco Heat Recovery Units – Condensation and mould growth pose a serious risk to your health in rooms without proper ventilation. The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator (KSRHRV) is perfect for solving dampness in any room. Unlike conventional extractor fans which suck out and waste expensively produced heat the KSRHRV recovers up to 86% of exhaust heat, even when operating on boost mode.

6: Commerical Pre-Rinser – By using a pressure spray the commercial power rinser removes food waste from dishes prior to cleaning in a dishwasher. The product is one of the most cost effective ways food service establishments can reduce water usage, energy bills and sewerage cost. Endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association, you will reduce up to 80% water usage with this product when cleaning dishes while making your own work easier.

7: Autosave Flushing Control – Businesses across Ireland are wasting thousands of litres of water every week and it’s costing them money! The autosave flushing control saves water by only flushing urinals after use. A sensor detects the presence of people in the toilet area and initiates a cistern fill and flush. This unit will save up to 80% of the water used in urinals and will typically pay for itself in cost savings within just 6 months of use. See more at

8: Renergise Water Saving Conservation Kit – Our water saving kits will allow you to reduce your spending on both water charges and energy bills. Typically a shower head produces between 12 and 20 litres of water per minute. This kit includes a shower head which will reduce water usage significantly, whilst still ensuring that you enjoy a full force shower. The kit also includes two highly efficient faucet aerators which fit on to your bath and kitchen taps and cut the water flow up to 50%. Also included is a toilet tummy to reduce water wastage when flushing and a dye tablet which helps identify leaks in your toilet cistern.

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